.....my life is hard.....

i'm not sure either i should write my personal problem right here or not but this is my blog . so i think that i can write whatever i want . right ? to those who don't like me , you no need to stalk about me . please stay away from my blog !!

now let's read about why i tell you my life is hard .
actually like this , i had a breakup . so that's was make i a bit hate towards man
i thought when i've make a decision to stay away from him i will not have any problem anymore .but now ! i've got family problem and i hate it ! why man always like make woman stressed ? i hope my mom think what is the best for us and i will support her decision . i'm big enough and i can take care of my mom . i will never ever leave her . i don't care if i don't have a father ! since i was small , i already lived without having love from a father before . so , i don't care if my mom wanna leave you! i don't need a useless father . thank you :)

-broken english again :P -

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