go to go . you care ?

I thought you really mean it when you sent me some text saying that you have feeling on me .

but actually I already knows that it's just a word .

nothing special or truth . can you tell me the true ?

I hate waiting for something that doesn't mean for me.

but you care ? never !

enjoy it untill you bored with it .

I will watching you carefully from another side .

I let you go but please don't go .

come back and say that you really want me .

I will lay my love for you

but ! if you just wanted me to fulfill your life for a moment ,

you better forget about me damn boy ! i'm evil and cruel,

don't let me crush your life

and don't you dare to let my bad spirit come . HAHA !

think before you wanna do something.

#hamboi ! sepiking nmpak ? hahha ! okay suck gila la tatabahasa inggeris aku . walaweyh . suka hati aku la DUH ! hahahahah ! tak suka entry jiwang jiwang lu boleh blah . ini blog gua . apadahal ? bak kate A "adoo malam" hahahha . kau bangang ! :P

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