He's super Good :)

this is about someone who was very caring about me . he always stand by my side even when i'm turned became an evil person . He also always try to make me laugh , smile and never make me cry . he's older two years than me . This is my first time making friends with a man who is older than me. Before this I just friends with people below the age of my or my own age only. I am comfortable with him. but I have not been thought to go further with it. but if he is true to me. I will do the best for it. this time I am not looking just for fun. I want someone who can survive and can take care of me. and this time, I will not announce a commotion. If I reach the time I will introduce.

"When i met you i never thought i would fall in love with you. Life has changed ever since, though i can’t express my love , cos i fear one day will come and i will lose you forever so i better be your friend and still love you . "

    "The basic rule of love is to stay together, stand firm through the winds of life.but the fact about love is that love hurts more than any other and it's pains never leaves but at the end love is the ultimate.you will be glad you are in love. "

"If you love something, let it go. If it is meant for you, it will come back to you."

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